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January 25, 2017

Amsterdam Netherlands | Only Dream


amsterdam netherlandsAmsterdam Netherlands is the capital city of the Netherlands. Amsterdam Central Station is one of the most colorful areas in the city. The station was constructed on three islands in the LJ Lake. These islands are artificialand they were created with sand which was taken from the dunes at Velsen. People living in this city use bike to commute. Each way and house resembles the other. Therefore, you need a map. Furthermore, you should book a hotel before you come to Amsterdam because it is not easy to find spare rooms there. amsterdam-holland-20 Rijksmuseum, the biggest museum dedicated to arts and history, is also in Amsterdam. You must visit it. In addition to this, do not prefer to speak German in the city.Otherwise they pretend to be a person who does not understand you though they actually understand. This is because the local residents hate Germans. They nurse a grievance on these peopleas their Jewish citizens have been slaughtered in the Second World War.amster





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