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December 23, 2016
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Dublin ireland | gold city
January 25, 2017

Barcelona Spain | Oldies but goldies

barcelona spain

barcelona spain

Barcelona is one of the great cities in Spain, and it is known as the capital city of Catalonia by the indigenous ethnic group living in there. Besides, there are plenty of requisitive places that you must see before you die. For instance Catedral de Barcelona. Honestly, it is a magnificent historical building. Also, Montjuic  Castle in Barcelona should be in your list too even though I have never encountered a Turkish tourist who is willing to visit it. I think they are notaware of the sculptures around there and its fascinating history. Furthermore, the largest stadium in Europe is in Barcelona. You should take your place in Camp Nou if there is a clash between Barcelona and Real Madrid as well. The matches between these two teams are named as El Classico, and are watched by millions of people from all over the World. It is an amazing city right?

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