dublin ireland (19)
Dublin ireland | gold city
January 25, 2017
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Milan Italy | Stay Calm
January 25, 2017

Brussels Belgium | Civilization

brussels belgium (18)

Brussels is the capital city of not only Belgium but also the European Union. Whenever I hear the name of this city, it reminds me of the peeing boy sculpture and fountain. The peeing boy statue was made of bronze. And this cute statuette has so many stories despite the primary argument is unity. What is more, the streets in this city are very clear and quiet. Even you can’t see the security forces in the streets; this means that the crime rate in this city is so low. However, the taxi drivers in Brussels are counted as racist according to some of travellers though the taxis in Brussels are popular because they offered free rides in the hours after explosions. Additionally, Brussels is famous for chocolates. You should bring a huge bag before you come to this city since you will lose your control once you see excruciating chocolates.

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