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Barcelona Spain | Oldies but goldies
January 25, 2017
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Brussels Belgium | Civilization
January 25, 2017

Dublin ireland | gold city

dublin ireland (19)

Dublin is the capital city of Ireland, and it is known as the largest city in the country. This city is full of social and cultural activities. For example,  Eurovision. When we look at the history of Eurovision, you can easily notice that it has taken place in this city so many times. In the streets you can see the most companionable people in the world. They are actually so friendly. Moreover, green is the colour that covers the whole city. However, it is not easy to find great department stores in Dublin if you take it as a negative side. Besides, it is the city that the famous author James Joyce mentioned in his works. As melancholy is the theme of his stories, you can come up with the idea that Dublin is the city of melancholy. With the black clouds and rain, of course, melancholic atmosphere never leaves the city. You should take your umbrella with you.

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