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Miami Florida | like celebrity
January 25, 2017
Paris France | city of freedom
January 25, 2017

Istanbul Turkey | historical city

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The most famous city of Turkey… Istanbul… People living in Istanbul hate this city so much because of the traffic jam and some other issues, but they claim that there are no other places to live for them as there is something peerless in themselves which makes them feel they belong to Istanbul. In psychology, there is a term that explains this situation; Stockholm syndrome. Besides, when we look at the history of this city, it can be easily seen that Istanbul was conducted a siege tens of times. Even these sieges prove its importance for everyone. Furthermore, in the streets you can see great number of people from all over the world. Though Turkish is the mother tongue of Turkey, English helps you in this metropolitan city. But you had better learn some basic words just to be on the safe side. You would love to be a part of this great place if you visit it once.

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