verona italy (19)
Verona Italy | romoe and juliet dream
February 18, 2017
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Zurich Switzerland | global center
February 18, 2017

Lyon France | historical city

lyon france (19)

Though Lyon is the second biggest city in France, people are not aware of its historical beauties. Rhone and Shaone are the major rivers which pass through the city, and there are plenty of bridges over them. Also, transportation is very easy via metro in Lyon. Even you have a chance to visit under the rivers as well. The city has 3 universities in itself. Thus, you may see many people from different countries, and interact with them. Place Bellecour is the largest square in Lyon. St John and Fourvier Cathedrals are also here in this city. Moreover, it takes two hours to reach Paris via a train from Lyon. This city can be counted as one of the gastronomic cities all over the world. This means you will be able to taste various foods when you visit here. For example; Le Coussin de Lyon is a famous sweet in France.


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