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Melbourne Australia | gothic city
January 25, 2017
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Istanbul Turkey | historical city
January 25, 2017

Miami Florida | like celebrity

miami florida (19)

Miami is the most popular city in Florida. You cannot see so many skyscrapers in the city because the ground is not solid enough. Though the city is located in a large area, the population is low. By the way, you have to count yourself as a lucky man if you encounter a person who can speak English in Miami because the primary language spoken there in the city is Spanish instead of English. Indeed, it is an immigrant city. So, you can bump into Cubans resettled citizens as the USA accept those who have reached the country through sea ways. Besides, famous people generally purchase some properties in Miami as well. As you see the city’s income average is quite variant. Moreover, the students in the city prefer not to go to school as the weather is over 20 degrees in summers. They never sleep but usually stroll the city streets.

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