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Milan Italy | Stay Calm
January 25, 2017
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Maui Hawaii | like heaven
January 25, 2017

Montreal Canada | smells coffe

montreal canada (17)

Montreal is the most crowded city in Quebec, and the second largest city in Canada.

In winters you can chilled to the bone, therefore you need to wear  warm clothes such as, a sweater and gloves before you go out. In any case you can get exhausted from heat in summer as well. Besides, French and English are the languages that you will need to know in order to survive in Montreal when you come to the city. Sometimes you can encounter a person who does not want to speak English, and then you will have to express yourself in French. That is why it had better learn some basic things in French. Even road signs are French there. Be sure if you are well-prepared for this multilingual city. According to a theory, each city has a different smell. Thus Montreal smells coffee and caramel. But I prefer chocolate to coffee and caramel.


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