istanbul turkey (13)
Istanbul Turkey | historical city
January 25, 2017
verona italy (19)
Verona Italy | romoe and juliet dream
February 18, 2017

Paris France | city of freedom

Paris, which is in the northern part of France, is one of the magnificent capital cities all over the world. The name of this city always reminds me of a character in the book whose name is Romeo and Juliet written by Shakespeare, Paris. Juliet was being forced to marry this fictional character in the famous work. I am not sure if there is a connection between the character and this glorious city, but it is actually amazing! There is something unique in each street. The city of Freedom… Also, you have to see Olympia, Lido, and Moulin Rouge if you are a person who enjoys life at nights. Except on Thursdays, the shops close at seven o’clock. This means you cannot see even a restaurant at nine o’clock. But on Thursdays, there are many shops and places stay open until ten o’clock. However, some touristic places, such as champ-elyseess and caroussel du louvre stay open until late hours.

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