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Lyon France | historical city
February 18, 2017

Zurich Switzerland | global center

zurich switzerland (20)

Zurich is not the capital city of Switzerland even though many people think it is. So, the capital city of Switzerland is Bern. The quality of life in this beautiful city has increased a lot, and people never face with economic crises there. People are so rich, and they have almost everything. Zurich is so clean and uncluttered city that even a new settler starts to adopt himself to this well-ordered atmosphere right away. There is no traffic jam too. You cannot see a person who makes a honking sound in the streets. This is amazing, right? People living in this great city generally switch off their lights at ten o’clock. But this does not mean there is no vibrant nightlife here. You can enjoy at the nightclub if you want. Zurich is also famous for its cheese, and this special cheese is called as Fondue. Give it a try!


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